Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day

yep....it's springtime in Illinois - 80 degree days followed by 45 degrees - tornado warnings & thunderstorms.  Storms are moving through the area again but luckily we had a decent day this past Sunday - the little was super excited to get outside....the pic is blurry but I love how totally thrilled she is
she tries really hard to shoot a basket
she found two little "bundy rabbits" Daddy put in the rocks
love her smirky smile in this one
pure bliss
and the award for cutest kid ever goes to....
this is what her hair looks like after taking out her hair buns - can you say GORGEOUS!!!  (ignore the goofy smile - she wanted the pic taken quick so she could snag a sweet tart bunny)
dog bite revisited - day 9 looking alot better but still icky
alright dear bloggy peeps - need your help...anybody know what kind of tree this is? 


Joy L. said...

That's a redbud tree. They grow wild in my area of Kansas and are very popular in yards. The main street of my town is loaded with them - so pretty in the spring.

Hope for Elisyn said...

Yup, redbud for sure!! Beautiful trees, I had one at my old house. They have heart shaped leaves!

Poor girl, I hope the dog bite continues to heal!