Monday, April 4, 2011


ick - I've been having knee pain for oh about a month now.  My knee hurts when I work out, if I keep it in the same position for more than maybe 5 minutes and then go to move, when I try to completely straighten it, when I walk down stairs.  I finally called the dr - xrays didn't show much other than my patella was tilted but he thinks I have "patella tracking syndrome"...sounds scary but it really isn't and that I've also damaged my IT band.  great.  He put me in a brace
I kinda feel like Robocop.  I'm supposed to wear it when I work out, anytime I'd be walking or running on uneven surfaces, or basically thing else that could strain my knee.  I've got a physical therapy appt. next Monday where they will show me exercises to do at home.  If it's still bothering me in 3 weeks I have to get an MRI - I'm pretty confident it won't be..MRI tubes...eek

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