Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Happens in Cabo...

and this is where we spent the last 5 days
I'm seriously thinking about taking a class in hair braiding & moving the fam to Cabo.
The hubs & I went with several other couples on our annual seed company trip - and you thought farmers didn't have benefits
OK, so the whole trip wasn't all sunshine & rainbows - we stayed the night at a hotel in St Louis..the Ramada by the airport - don't...I repeat don't stay here.  They sent us to 3 different rooms before we got a clean one - another family we traveled with walked in to an occupied room.  The hotel wasn't that busy - now we know why (when we got back to STL, they didn't have a room booked for us and were unsuccessful once again in finding a clean room so we hauled it to the Pear Tree Inn)!  We get up the next morning to catch the airport shuttle which left at ugh...4am.  Find out all flights to Dallas are cancelled....double ugh.  Head to the airport - the other 14 people we were traveling with got rebooked St Louis to LA.  We got shipped to Chicago, then LA - triple ugh (especially since we live closer to Chicago than St Louis!).  Arrive in Chicago, our plane to LA it out of service so we wait for another plane to arrive from Boston.  Arrive in LA, run to our terminal get there just as they are announcing our names - WHEW!  Shout out to Alaska Airlines - nicest flight we've ever taken.  Arrive in Cabo (5 hours after we should have) but our luggage is still in LA - seriously?!?  Luggage arrives 30 hours later.  Trip definately went up from there.
Eating at the Trailer Park 
Whale watching excursion
Meet my little friend
whale watching boat - not gonna lie...this thing terrified me when I first saw it
the crew


Anonymous said...

with trips like that, i think i wanna be a farmer when i grow up! :)
-Kevin H. (Levi's Baba)

A.Case Photo Place said...

I want to go to Cabo! I've been to the Cancun area three times. Cabo next time for sure!!!!!