Monday, February 28, 2011


I was in St. Louis this past weekend for a gymnastics meet - the girls I coach did totally fabulous!  When I got home late afternoon on Sunday, I was rushing around trying to get cleaned up for a party we had that night.  Piper sat on the sink top playing with everything I took out of my travel bag.  She asked "I put on make-up.....pppppwwwwweeeeeaaaasssseeee?"  She then proceeded to take the foundation (I use Bare Minerals so it's all little powder tubs & brushes - luckily she left the lids on) - took the foundation brush, tapped the lid and then rubbed the brush all over her face.  Took the blush, tapped the lid (again, correct brush) and swiped her cheeks.  Took 1 tub of eye shadow, tapped the lid and says "I put on my eye dadow" while swiping her eyes.  Then she grabs the eye liner pencil saying "and now da eye winer".  She smiles at herself in the mirror, smiles at me and says "I needa compament"  I say "a compliment?"  and she says " say you soooo pretty!"


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

I'm sure you could not keep a straight face! Love it!

Cheri said...

Oh, she's too cute! Give her my compliments, too. Love the referral photo.

A.Case Photo Place said...

Love reading your "Piperisms" Kristi! She is such a joy! My friend from work is on a journey to China right now to get her sweet baby daughter. I think of you guys every time I read her blog!!!!

groovy mama said...

Great story, she is so smart and not to mention adorable!!!

Around the World to Harper said...

How Cute!
Are you in MO?
We're in Columbia,MO.