Monday, January 31, 2011


So I went to the eye dr last week for my annual check-up.  He found a problem with my retina....apparently your retina has a few layers & mine are spreading apart.   I went to see a retina specialist today - not sure how one decides to specialize in retinas....anyway - he saw a tear, praised my regular dr for catching it, and said I need surgery. 
He said what would normally happen is they numb my eye with drops, give ya a few injections to totally numb it, insert some sort of lens so I can't blink, and then zap around the tear with a laser (wondering if Xanax will be provided for my freak out at seeing the laser coming at me?).  10 minutes tops.  So I tell him we are leaving for Mexico on Friday & he agrees to do the surgery on Thursday (after I told him I would prefer not having my retina completely detach in a foreign country).  He then says I probably won't want my eye numbed - um, huh?!?  Apparently the numbing shots cause your eye to look bloodshot & he thinks this wouldn't be what I'd want on vacation.  Uh yeah - I'd much rather have you laser my eye without it being numb.  He told me to think about it and if I wanted he could do a few "laser bursts" without being numb & then I can tell him if I can "grit my teeth and bear it" - think they'd give me a shot of whiskey first?

And since this is the way we tend to roll around here...we are expecting a blizzard.  Weatherman is saying 12-18", 30 mph winds, maybe a little ice thrown in there - storm should be done by the time we need to fly out which will be fantastic as long as we can get to the airport (3 hour drive).
deck prior to expected snowfall
just starting to come down


Cheri said...

Uhhh, please numb me! I'll take a bloodshot eye over eye pain!

What state are you in? I love the snow. It was 60 this past weekend here in Virginia. No snow in sight for us. And, btw, who are those 2 teenagers on the deck?

groovy mama said...

Oh my what a worldwind you are in this week! Sending happy thoughts your way!...we are getting ICE storm her!

Duchess of Lanier said...

Yes, please, pills, drinks, and the drops. All of it!

Enjoy your time at home getting ready for vacation and hope this surgery thing is over and you are off to tropical warmth before you can blink an eye.

bah-buhm-buhm =)