Thursday, January 13, 2011


My aunt coined the phrase "Piperisms" - the girl is always talking & has some funny things coming out of that little mouth of hers.  Lately I've heard...
"I have pretty Chinese hair" and then she gives me that look of - are stuck with that blonde stuff
"You mouth smells like"  fill in the blank...could be "gum" "coffee" (followed by "I loooove coffee, you wanna share an me?") or "yuck" which is said early in the morning pre-teeth brushing
"I love peech cwass (speech class)....I eat gummy bears!"
"I better dan dem kids" said coming out of gymnastics class - baby girl is oozing confidence but kinda lacking in the humilty department
"I good at danastics (gymnastics)...I beast"
and my favorite convos with my little are when it's time to get dressed in the morning...usually goes something like this...
Piper "I wear da tutu"
Me "you can't wear a tutu to school"
Piper "uh...yeah  I wear da tutu"
Me " about this" pulling something out of the closet
Piper (putting a finger up to her mouth) "ummmmm NO"
Watch out Vera Wang


Jen said...

Too cute!! I love to hear what Piper says...always brings a smile!

groovy mama said...

How FUNNY is she, i can't image the smiles you get when she chats away!

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Love it! Ty took a leap in his articulation this week, and he's cracking me up too!