Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Annie Cut My Hair"

Piper got his first "official" haircut on Monday.  I say first "official" because a couple of weeks ago, Piper came to work with me.  I was on the phone when she found a pair of scissors under the desk and cut her hair.  Luckily, it was just a small chunk which resulted in side bangs.  She told anyone that would listen "I not cut my hair no more....Mama be mad".  Chloe had an appt with my hairdresser Annie who was nice enough to squeeze Piper in that day also.
See Chloe in the background - first set of highlights for my girl.  We had an issue with our water filtration system - apparently when a house sits empty for over a year you need to "recycle" it and change the filter.  Poor Chloe's hair turned a nice shade of orange.  After a clarifying treatment & highlights she's back to normal.
Piper's new cut - a couple inches off the bottom
The whole time Chloe was under the dryer, Piper kept asking "my turn?"  So we sat her under it - just don't tell her we didn't turn it on
When we were done she kept saying "I not cut my hair...Annie cut my hair!"


Angie said...

Great post! Oh how these kids keep us on our toes, huh? Piper's hair still looks adorable-how do you keep it so thick? Chloe's is getting alot longer, I just wish it was a little thicker!

Cheri said...

How sweet! I cannot believe how much she has grown!