Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Updates & News

Thank you to everyone who was praying & thinking positive thoughts for my grandpa - he is on the road to recovery!  He should be moving out of ICU to a regular room today.  He was awake yesterday & they were able to remove the breathing tube. 

In other news - Piper started preschool yesterday!  She LOVED it!!!  She sang all the way home "I love school, I love da teacher, I love school friends" - super cute and what a relief considering she has been telling us "I not go school" for several days now.
Ready to go in
making new friends
lined up ready to go
Piper & Mrs. "C"
Piper leading the line (i.e. she wouldn't stand in line so she got to "help" the teacher)
Waiting for a ride home
Piper & Mrs. Reiners
Lastly - our exciting news.....great guesses but no we are not adopting again nor are we getting a puppy so Cheri your sweet Moxie can keep the title of "World's Cutest Puppy"  We are buying a new home - it's in the same GREAT school district.  We had not planned on moving and weren't looking at houses but you know those moments that just jump up & smack you in the face?  There is a home in our favorite subdivision that was for sale - we assumed the house had already sold but we were dropping Chloe at a friend's house one night & boom for sale sign still in the yard.  We went through the house a few times, went back & forth with the seller several times and finally came to an agreement we are very happy with! 
and the view from the back deck
We will be painting the whole inside of the house and a few other improvements (new countertops, some new light fixtures) so I will post pics as we go along - kinda a before & after.


Cheri said...

Wow! Great about your grandfather. I pray he continues with his quick recovery.

Nice house and I love the view from the deck. I need a new house, more room, but after 3 adoptions, I have no money. Feeding these kids and dogs costs more than my mortgage.

Myra said...

glad to hear grandpa's better !! :)

congrats on the new house! Looks like you've now got room for the WHOLE DeLuca clan to come visit!! To be honest, I wanted to hear you were adopting again, and NOT getting a puppy....(darn)

groovy mama said...

All i can is WOW!!! congrats too! Busy MAMA you will be with all of that! Oh and what a nice view!

Hunan Mommy said...

When I read your other post, I was sure you were going after adoption #2! Very exciting to move into a new house:-)