Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy, Happy, Birthday Piper!

  Piper turned 3 today which was also the day that her birth mom made what had to be the hardest decision of her life.  While we will never know for sure what happened that day we do know that Piper was a tiny little thing and not in very good shape when she was found so I have to believe that her birth mom did what she had to do to save her daughter.  We will forever be greatful for her choice to leave Piper someplace she would be found & given the medical treatment she needed.  Without her brave decision we would not be the luckiest parents in the world to have her in our life.

Piper woke up this morning saying "Happy birfday Me!" When we asked her "is it _____'s birthday?" She would quickly giggle and say "no, my birfday".
birthday dinner at our favorite Japanese steakhouse - Fuji
cake at home
her favorite present
Chloe said "I look like a dork...don't post that!" 
and a couple cute pics from earlier this week
Piper looks a little like Madonna in her "Material Girl" days, don't cha think?
Pretty baby
new jammies
Current height - 34" which is less than 3% on the American growth charts
Current weight - 28.4 lbs which is 26% on the American growth charts
Growth in the last year - 4" and 8 lbs


Cheri said...

What sweet pictures and Happy Birthday to Piper! Tell Chloe she looks cute, not dorkish.

groovy mama said...

Love the pics and that DRESS is wonderful, is it a poppy-dip? happy day and happy cleaning from your other post!