Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally feels like fall

This time last week we had to turn the AC back on due to the hot temps - on Friday it started cooling off.  It's officially hoodie weather!  Justin is about 2 weeks from being done combining - looking forward to things getting back to normal around here.  Coop had another football game on Saturday - home games are the best.  The boys played one of the better teams in their league & beat them 12-6.....neither team scored until after half-time so it was a pretty exciting game.
National Anthem - Coop's the 3rd one back
Chloe's all-star cheer team (Victory Academy Lions) had their dress rehearsal/tailgate party yesterday afternoon.  The girls & coaches have all worked so hard - their routines were amazing!  First competition is 2 weeks away.
Chloe & her friend Sarah
Piper starts preschool tomorrow afternoon - she's super proud of her new backpack and school supplies but says "I not go school".....we'll see how it goes.  We have some very exciting news that I'll be able to share with you in the next few days - stay tuned!


groovy mama said...

Very exciting NEWS...WHAT???? Do you really got to keep me hanging??? ARE you adopting???? I am soooo JEALOUS if you are!!!

Cheri said...

Wow! Did you get a puppy, too? Hopefully, it is more exciting than that.

Chloe looks so cute! I'm not a football fan, but I'm a mom fan, so I know the proud feelings of watching the children.