Friday, April 2, 2010


Piper's vocabulary has really taken off the last two weeks.  It's still "toddler talk" - for example...we were sitting in the dr office and the nurse asked if I spoke Chinese because I was doing such a good job translating.  Uuuuummmmm - no....don't all mom's translate for their toddlers?  Anyway - here are a few new sentences

"sit there, Piper can?"  Daddy says "great, she talks like Yoda!"
"where Brida?"  Bridget babysat her last week
"hadagooay" translates to have a good day
"thank oooh mama" said whenever I hand her a snack
"no shinnnooo"  said whenever I tell her Kai-lan is Chinese
"see huh wayda"  or "uhva bye" see ya later and luv ya bye

Alot of words get translated also "o hen" is open "shaylur" is cereal "cracra" is cracker

The most annoying funniest thing she says " (if I don't answer soon enough) rattles off a string of nonsense followed by "uh-huh yeah right?"  I think she hears the older kids telling me a story and wants to do the same she just either doesn't know enough words or simply has nothing really to say.


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

That sounds like she's doing great! Have you seen a print out of what sounds kids are supposed to make at certain ages? I can try to get it for you. It's why Ty doesn't qualify for speech at school. He can now make the sounds! At disneyland, Ty said, "Tsooo Tsooo" for Choo Choo! T sounds should be coming soon!

Amy said...

Welcome to the UBP! You have a beautiful family.