Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hugging her a little tighter today

I received an email from a wonderful man that was in charge of the foster care program where Piper lived.  Here is a portion of his first email...
"First time I saw her in Bao Tou Children`s Home. She is very small at that moment. I remembered she was not very strong at first. Then she turned better. But I personally think she is a optimistic girl. She like smile. Her smile still in my memory.
When I left Chinacare ,Wu Li Min was still in Children`s Home. So I don`t know her story in foster care. Just now, I saw your blog . It is really wonderful to see the happy girl in photos . And a lucky thing is I saw her foster mother`s photo in the blog and I know her foster mother.Wu li Min`s foster family was an old family. I suppose Wu Li Min was the third baby in that foster family .So I think if I can contact her foster mother. Her foster mother could tell us more story in foster family."
I emailed him back thanking him for the information and also the willingness to try to contact her foster family.  I also asked about the day she was taken to the Children's Home.  He emailed me this back..
"I remembered there was care plan when she was taken to Children`s Home from Hohhot Orphanage. I still have that short care plan in my computer. It shows:
Care Plan关爱计划:

Li Min is extremely malnourished, on arrival her temperature was too low and her heart rate and oxygen level are iratic. Heart rate ranges from normal to 33, Oxygen level ranges from normal to 42%. She is too weak now to propose a care plan. For the moment she should be monitored closely, given oxygen when needed. Then we need to see over the next few days whether she has a chance of survival. She is getting premie formula to let her gain weight, she might need rehydration drink, she is balancing on the edge of dehydration, we’ll have to see which way she goes."

THANK YOU GOD for the China Care foundation...THANK YOU GOD for the doctors, nurses & nannies that took care of my baby...THANK YOU GOD for everyone that donates money to China Care so they are able to care for children that are waiting for a family...THANK YOU GOD for bringing this wonderful little girl into my family.


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Oh Kristi! Thank you for sharing. What an amazing piece of Piper's story to share with her as she grows. We never know what our little ones go through. It just shows what a survivor little Piper really truly is!

Lori said...

I stumbled across your blog a while back and was smitten by the cuteness of your daughter, but never really dug deeper as to where she was in China. What a happy coincidence! Our daughter is also from the Baotou SWI! She was also at the China Care Home through Half the Sky while she had her heart surgery! What a small world. We got to visit the orphanage when we were there in December. It was wonderful! The people there were great! We brought Avery home in Dec. 2009. She is such a joy and was so very much loved in that orphanage. We have the orphanages email address and have emailed them pictures, but have heard nothing back. Our experience in China was wonderful!