Friday, January 22, 2010

chili, sleepovers, & potty training

I'm sure I've made chili since bringing Piper home but must have made her something different. Last night, we gave her a bowl and she LOVED it! She mixed her corn in with it - I'll admit...I have a shouldn't touch or mix together but it was her meal. After she ate all she could get with her spoon, she tipped the bowl up to her face to lick out the rest.

Piper wanted to sleep with Coop one night - it didn't last long but they are pretty cute together

Now for the MOST exciting news - Piper has started using the potty. She's only had 1 accident today which is pretty good since she used the potty for the first time last night. Little Miss Temper gets mad though when she doesn't get her "ah-let" (Hershey Kiss) for just sitting on the potty. When she does go, she dances around wants a fist bump & hug and then runs straight for the kitchen to get her reward.

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