Saturday, January 2, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Christmas was GREAT! We always let the kids open 1 present on Christmas Eve - and it's always new jammies. Piper had fun opening the package - she would tear off a strip of paper & place it in a pile.

After opening it, she was thrilled to see she got what the "big kids" got.

Christmas day was spent at our house with family. We did lunch with Justin's family & dinner with mine. The kids got way too many presents, we ate way too much food, but we also had WAY too much fun! Here's a few pics from the day...
Matching leos for the girls...Piper was thrilled!

Her favorite animal at the zoo is the giraffe...she wasn't too sure about this one though.

Chloe with her "Jacob doll" from New Moon

Coop & his Camaro

White Christmas

We spent the day after Christmas with my dad's side of the family. Again - lots of food, presents, & fun!
Piper with her new vacuum

The week between New Year's was full of sleepovers. Chloe had 3 friends spend the night on Monday, Tuesday Chloe & Coop each had a friend, and on NYE Chloe stayed at a friend's house. We are so lucky that our kids have such wonderful friends!
Justin, Coop, Piper, & I stayed home for NYE - lounged around...played video games, watched TV, and again ate way too much food!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & New Years. We had such an awesome, eventful year...looking forward to 2010 being just a little calmer.

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