Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Card Attempts

I'm running WWWWAAAAAYYYYY behind on "all things Christmas" this year. I still need to buy a couple presents & finish wrapping. And then there is the little issue of Christmas cards. We didn't send out an adoption announcement so I really need to send out Christmas cards because if you don't read my blog and/or have facebook chances haven't seen Piper. Chloe had her band concert tonight so I figured this was my chance to get them all in nice outfits (just don't look at Coop's pants - apparently, he's outgrown every pair of dress pants & just luckily had 1 sweater that fit). Here are the "out-takes"

Darn dog jumped in the picture and off center

Piper was out of focus

again...out of focus

Piper has had enough by this point

In the end, I got a cute pic - all 3 kids were smiling. The cards will be ready tomorrow & then I hope to find the time on Saturday (after swim lessons but before our 1st Christmas celebration) to get them mailed!

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The Gotch 5 said...

It took us two days of trying before we got a good one!! Maybe next year will be easier!!