Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're home!

At the Beijing airport

This is how everyone sleeps, right? (At LAX)

First carseat ride
We got home Tuesday, 8/25 around 10 in the morning. Chloe & Coop went back to school the following day and started back up in gymnastics & football. Piper is adjusting so well. She's starting to walk alot more but is still wobbly - poor kid has gotten a few bruises on her face from falling into furniture. She is a very determined little girl & throws a fit if she doesn't get her way. I took her last Friday to get her ears pierced. Ever since we got her, she would touch my earrings & then touch her ears saying "ugh". She fussed a little until they handed her a mirror and then all was good.

She had her first visit with our pediatrician today. She has grown a little - she was "almost 30" and almost 20 lbs" in China. Today she was 30.4" tall & 20.5 lbs. Her hair has also grown alot as well as her fingernails. I've clipped them 3 times since we got her. She still loves to eat & has been great about trying new foods. Last night she chowed on pot roast & carrots (the potatoes weren't her fav).

Coop has his first football game tonight - we'll see how she enjoys that! So far, she's really loved watching Chloe at the gym. I put her on a trampoline (which she loved) and let her hang on a bar (she didn't want to let go). We need to get her in swim lessons soon. C&C swim every Sat & she threw a fit not being able to get in the water.

first day of school

Coop & his friend Vinny

"Give Mama a kiss" (Look Myra, no Chicken Little lips!)

At the dr's office

Tired of getting her picture taken

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The Gotch 5 said...

Welcome Home!!!! I am so excited to see you made it home safe. Can't wait to meet Piper hopefully we will run into you at the gym soon!! Welcome back and congratulations on being a family of 5!!!!!!