Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yesterday we walked to the Grand Mosque.  We ate lunch at a really good restaurant - we had spicy cold noodles (Piper loved them), some sort of well-done meat (I believe it was mutton which is very popular here), and something that was like an egg roll but in a very soft shell (maybe dumplings?).  We then came back to the hotel to look up more sight seeing places online.  We took a taxi to the Dazhao Temple.  It was beautiful and so much bigger than we had thought.  There were many shops & vendors in the Temple.  We bought a small silver Buddah statue. 
All of the people here are so friendly.  They all wave to us and attempt to speak to us.  Chloe said she feels like a rock star as everyone is taking the kids pictures.  There are not alot of American's that visit Hohhot and they are having trouble figuring out why we have a Chinese baby.  One lady pointed to Piper's hair & then to mine and shrugged her shoulders.  I pointed at Piper and said China - the lady then said "oh, China baby!  Lucky go to America".  We met another lady that spoke English - she had a beautiful baby in a walker.  She asked about Piper and also said she was glad she gets to go to America. 

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