Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We visited the police station today to get Piper's passport picture taken.  She smiled big for the 1st picture & then we went back to the waiting area as they needed 1 more picture at a different "station". While we were waiting we got out the sweet potato puffs.  She walked around following Chloe to get more puffs - this is the first time we've seen her walk unassisted.  It appears that she can walk, she just chooses not to at this time.   She is a very good baby but if she doesn't get her way or if someone other than Kristi tries to hold her, she throws her head back, puts her hands up to her eyes and wails.  As soon as she gets what she wants, the tears immediately stop.  We've started referring to her as "The Little Empress" when she pulls this.  She's a girly-girl...loves her hair bows/clips, chapstick, and dresses.
After the police station, we visited the Inner Mongolia Museum.  The basement level is all pre-historic era - lots of dinosaurs & fossils.  We enjoyed the 3rd floor the most - it was all Mongolian & Inner Mongolia histroy.  Very interesting!  Most of the signs were written in Mandarin, English, and another language we weren't really sure what it was (maybe Arabic?).
Sandra, our guide took us to a small market place a few blocks from our hotel.  We needed more diapers & wipes.  While we were there we also bought a nice stroller for about $20 USD.  We also got some snacks - some sort of Chinese fruit candy that Chloe really liked, cucumber flavored Lays potato chips which Piper liked, oreos, Coke, and what we thought was bottled water but ended up being some sort of mint drink.
We ate at a buffet style restaurant for lunch - they had Chinese & Western style food.  Piper ate a huge plate full of fried brown rice, spaghetti noodles, chicken nuggets, french fries and then followed with ice cream for dessert.  The girl loves to eat!  The only thing we've found that she doesn't like is black olives.
Tomorrow we are going to walk to a Mosque a few blocks from the hotel & then on Thursday we are driving 2 hours to Bao Tao to visit the foster family. I'm sure this will be a very difficult day for Piper but something that we want to be able to tell her about when she is older.


Mommy said...

She is amazing! I know you are over the moon! Congrats to you and your family.

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

I am so glad you are learning more about her, and it sounds like things are progressing! She is so cute! Her eyes are so beautiful.

Tone Lyngmo said...

So nice to see the pictures from the streets we walked not long ago. Sandra was our guide too. I believe the third language you are referring to is Mongolian. You will see that most street signs are in both Chinese and Mongolian characters. We asked Sandra, but she could not read Mongolian