Friday, August 14, 2009

We left our hotel at 5 this morning for the aiport.  We had a 3 hour flight to Guangzhou.  After we arrived, we were met by our awesome guide David.  He took us to our hotel (The Victory) & then showed us a few places on Shamian Island.  We ate lunch at Lucy's which has alot of western style food.  We met a man who is here on business but has 2 daughters from China that they adopted in 2001 & 2003.  There are many American families here.  We bought a red silk dress for Piper, hot pink squeaky shoes, & a rag style Chinese doll.  We attempted to take her swimming - she cried & whimpered alot.  Justin kept C&C at the pool (it's on the roof) and P & I came back to the room.  We have Piper's medical check-up tomorrow - hoping she doesn't need too many shots. Since she is under 2, she will not need a TB test prior to us leaving.

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