Friday, August 14, 2009

We had Piper's physical this morning.  The office was full of adoptive families - for those of you on RQ, we met mdelu, hcr, enjoyingourjourney...and saw several other familiar babies!  The visit went well - they told us P's palate surgery repair was excellent.  I was slightly concerned with a white sore on the side of her tongue but they seem to think it's nothing serious, she must have bitten her tongue at some point & it's turned into a canker type sore.  She currently weighs "almost 20 lbs" and is "almost 30 in. tall".  Normal temp & heart rate.  They said she does have alot of wax in her ears but she passed their hearing test of squeaking a toy to see if she turned to look at it.  She ended up having to get 5 shots.  Poor baby!
After leaving the physical center, we went back to our hotel to complete paperwork for the US Cons.  Our appt is on 8/20.  We've been hanging out in the room - P is walking all over the place.  We have 2 adjoining rooms.  C&C slept in 1 room and Justin, P & I slept in the other last night - we shoved the beds together to create an almost king size so P could sleep in the middle.  Chloe figured out today that you can also use the beds to practice tumbling - she's really missing the gym!  She got down in a squat & did a backhandspring across the beds.  P thought this was hilarious - her eyes got really big & she said "ooohhh" and then proeeded to laugh & snort.  Getting ready to go eat lunch.  We are meeting our other agency families for dinner tonight at Cow & Bridge (Thai restaurant).
I haven't posted many pictures of the "scenery" - I can only send 2 pics at a time (my blog is still blocked over here) and I figure you are all more interested in pics of the kids anyway!  I'll post more when we get home. 

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