Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today we went to the GZ zoo.  It was super hot and humid but the kids had a great time.  P loved the giraffes and threw a fit when we carried her away from them.  We saw 2 brown bears that had a water "moat" around their cage that they were floating in. 
We've had P for over a week now.  She has changed so much.  She is a very curious, smart little girl.  Her hair & nails have grown alot & she is getting stronger every day.  The other day, she kept pointing at mine & Chloe's toenails (which are painted) and then she'd point at hers.  I got out the polish & she sat still while I did her toes.  Later that day I caught her with her magnadoodle "pen" pretending to paint her nails.  She understands English very well.  She is saying a few words still & alot of the time they don't make sense (she calls everyone girl) but she's trying.  When we get out a diaper, she lays down for us to change her & if you say "go night night" she'll lay back & cover up - she then laughs and gets right back up but she's obviously understanding what we are saying.

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