Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cooper woke up sick today.  Justin stayed at the hotel with him while Chloe, Piper, & I went to the foster family's home.  It was a 2 hour drive.  About 30 minutes into it, Piper started throwing a major fit because I wouldn't let her dump her puffs on the floor.  She screamed, sobbed, pinched, pulled my hair & tried to bite me.  An hour later (no joke) she fell asleep.  We got to Baotou & picked up the foster father at a hotel parking lot.  He was very excited to see Piper - he talked to her as we drove to their home.  When we pulled up to the house, he jumped out, opened the van door & took her from me.  The foster mother & brother were waiting outside for us.  They were all very happy to see us.  They have an 18 yr old biological daughter also.  We were able to take lots of pictures & video and ask them questions.  Piper lived with them for 8 mos.  They told us she doesn't like noodles & can't eat them as she has a small mouth and tongue (I didn't tell them about all the noodles she's eaten with us), they said she only likes hot milk/water (again, didn't tell them we've been giving her bottles at room temp and she takes them just fine), they also said she doesn't like to eat anything cold (yep, she eats ice cream with us). I just nodded as the guide was interpretting for us.  I found out alot about Piper while we were there - they treat her like a princess.  If she throws something, they laugh & pick it up for her.  The foster brother was jealous of the attention she was getting and the father leaned her down & laughed when she smacked the brother and then moved the brother out of the way.  They let her sleep with them while the brother slept in a crib in a different room.  We are so happy that they treated her so well while she lived with them, just sad that the other foster child didn't seem to get the same treatment.  They call her Min Min (sounds like Me Mean) We visited for a little over an hour & then got ready to leave.  The foster parents cried and walked us to the van.  The mother gave me a big hug & said thank you, the father shook my hand, looked me in the eyes and said something in Mandarin - our guide had already climbed in the van so I have no idea what he said.  Piper cried for a few seconds after we drove away but then hugged me & acted really silly most of the way home.  She figured out how to drink her bottle while holding it with her feet instead of hands, I sang Winnie the Pooh to her and she sang along with me (lots of ba ba noises), and talked alot (girl, go, mama, baby, bye - at least that's what we think she is saying?). 
We had a late lunch from McDonald's - found out P likes hot fudge sundaes and still loves those fries!  She is doing much better with Justin today - he kept her at the hotel while Chloe & I walked a few blocks to the market to buy more diapers.  I had bought some yesterday but got the wrong size - the lady sold me a package for kids 12 kg and she is only 9 (about 20 lbs). We also got her a toy with lots of buttons that lights up - it's loud & annoying but she LOVES it!  She pushes the buttons with her pointer finger (left handed) and then smacks them with her whole hand. 
We leave for Guangzhou at 5 am tomorrow.  Hoping they have something for breakfast at the airport - P needs her yogurt in the morning!

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The Gotch 5 said...

What a blessing for Piper to have all those pictures of her foster family!! Hope Cooper is feeling better.