Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another step checked off

I spoke with someone at the National Visa Center today & our file has been cabled to Guangzhou. We are now waiting for our 800 approval to get matched with our LOA - this will make our Article 5. After we receive Art. 5 approval, they will begin working on our travel approval. I'm part of an amazing internet board known as "Rumor Queen". On RQ, there are a bunch of charts keeping track of wait times (LOA, TA, etc). According to the chart - 9 days is the average time from cable to Art 5 approval and then 22 days is the average wait time from Art 5 to travel approval. This puts us at Aug 10. Our agency has promised to get us on a plane asap after receiving travel approval. At this rate, the kids will have to miss the first week or 2 of school but Justin should be home in time to start harvest. Of course these are just the averages - we could receive TA much sooner or much later. Pray for sooner!

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