Saturday, June 13, 2009

still frustrated

Our agency is working super hard to get our I-800 problem ironed out. They spoke with "China" yesterday and they don't have the paper that the US wants/needs. The orphanage is going to start putting it together next week, it will get translated and then it will be processed (not exactly sure what this means?). Our agency thinks this will give CIS what they need to approve us. The problem is that nobody knows how long this will take - a few days? a month?

We are still working on finishing the basement. We got so much done last weekend & then had a busy week so not much more got done. Justin is showing a couple houses this afternoon so my plan is to have the rest of the painting done by the time he gets home. The next big project will be the bathroom. The walls are done, shower is in so all that is left is the tile floor, set the sink & toilet, and then trim work.

I've been playing around with a picture editing program online and came up with some pretty cool pictures...

Piper's beautiful eyes

Chloe ready for a meet

Cooper with Uncle Brandon's dog Rocky

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