Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We got our fingerprints done for the state today. There is one location you can go to get fingerprinting done - they are open once/week from 9-12:30 & 1:30-4. They don't take appts. So we got there at 1:30 & saw there were about 20 people in front of us. I waited until 3:00 to get mine done. Justin had to go pick up the kids from school but the lady said he could come back & she promised he'd get in. He got back about 3:40 and was done an hour later.

I took our SW the paperwork she needed to get started. Dh hopes to start harvest on Monday & then our SW leaves for Italy for about 10 days. So our next appt with her isn't until 10/28. Hopefully by then she will have most of our paperwork processed.

We should get our information from CCAI today on starting our dossier paperchase.

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